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Meet Tonya

Tonya Wall is our newest apprentice at Jeanette Wirz Permanent Makeup Studio. She obtained PMU certification under the instruction of Kim Richards, Beauty Redefined Med Spa & Salon. Tonya is also a registered nurse and nurse practitioner. Sheis a proud graduate of Tennessee State University,earning a Master's ofScience in Nursing degree in 2016. She earned her first degree, AssociateDegree of Nursing, from Tennessee State University. She then went on to earn a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree from Austin Peay State University. All the while she worked on pursing her many degrees, her husband, children, mother, brother and other family members were her biggest fans... her husband being theBIGGEST one of all!!! Despite her husband being her biggest fan, he is extremelyhappy that she is no longer a college student.  Her husband is, however, SUPER excited that she is now pursuing permanent makeup. He’s quick to let her know he’s become a brow watcher. Secretly, Tonya thinks he wants his brows done too! (lol)

In her own words...
In my downtime, Ilove,and just might have a slight addiction to working on DIY projects... all thanks to Pinterest and HGTV! Truth be told, I'm addicted... I'll admit it!!I also enjoyreading (when I can), traveling, CrossFit, yoga and fun runs. If I could participate in a fun run every month I probably would. One problem, I'm in shape but not that good of a shape (lol). I tell amazing jokes that are super dry and make onlyme laugh (gotta stay entertained some kind of way). One day I hope to get my scrapbooking going. I'm a bitlost on where to get started. So if you have tips or just want to hold my hand, I'm open to any and all ideas and a little hand holding too. Onwarm days, which needs to be every day, you can find me working in the yard, "assisting" my husband with "our" (wink wink) projects. More than anything, I love spending time with my family!




Tonya was amazing! I was nervous at first because I’m sensitive to pain, but Tonya relaxed me and made me feel right at home! She kept the conversation going throughout the procedure, and when we were done I was so impressed with how my eyebrows turned out and how the pain wasn’t as bad as I was expecting!

Lisa Witten

This is a great place Tonya spent time in doing everything that made me have great brows and will be going back December the 5th getting the eyeliner done !! U can’t get no better than this place I had went to other place before coming here and all I can say hands down this place is clean and Tonya is great !!! Love love my brows !!! Thanks again !!!!

Connie Carter

Tonya did a wonderful job with my microblading. She thoroughly explained the process and how to care for my eyebrows. She’s very meticulous, which is very much appreciated when receiving this type of service. I would highly recommend Tonya to anyone interested in microblading.

Quan B

Tonya made me feel so beautiful! She took so much time to help me find the perfect shape for my eyebrows. She never made me feel rushed and always made sure every detail was what I wanted. I had an amazing first micro experience. Highly recommend!! 10/10!!

Sara Del Castillo