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Constance Maddux 10-15

Almost Nonexistent!

My eyebrows were almost nonexistent and what was there was very light in color. When I found that Jeanette was coming to Natural Symmetry Med Spa, I scheduled an appointment to speak with her about possibly getting permanent cosmetics done. I decided to get the brows and then decided to do the liner also. I had my touch up done this week. I love not having to color in eyebrows and use eyeliner. Jeanette was the perfect choice for me. I highly recommend her work and personality. She is a perfectionist. Everyone at work has been really impressed with the difference it has made.

Ann C. Paducah

This Woman Was amazing

She did my full lips,eyeliner and permanent eyebrows all in one day as well as my 2 best friends eyeliner...She is sterile in her procedure,professional and a perfectionist with her work. She does not stop until you are pleased. Also,her prices are the best that we found and more importantly,her follow-up appointment that you need about 8 week later is FREE! Most places charge the same amount for your follow-up as they charge you for your first appointment! She was the only one we found where this is true and we did a lot of research on permanent makeup....I cannot say enough good about her...we were scared because you are trusting someone with your face and it is permanent....however, we were fortunate to find her and our makeup is great...she does dramatic if you desire and I love mine. We live in Paducah and drove to Nashville to see worth it!

Nancy Allen

Professor of Voice,Belmont University

Friendly, Knowledgeable and Professional

"Jeanette did permanent eyebrow" on my eyebrows about ten years ago.She did a great job they looked so good and the liner is still there today! I have dark eyebrows but they are patchy. Having them permanently lined meant no more having to fill in my brows every day. I have really enjoyed the way they look when swimming or playing a sport because I no longer feel like my eyebrows look too thin without makeup. Jeanette is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Jan.2012

Faye Speck Lebanon TN

I encourage everyone to have it done

Over six years ago I had Jeanette start my permanent makeup journey with my eyebrows. I was so happy with them that I continued by having eyeliner and full lip color done. I have been extremely pleased with the decision I make. When I get up in the nothing it looks like I already have done my eyes. I have spent a lot of money on beauty products and without hesitation, I can say that having Jeanette do y Permanent makeup is by far the most wonderful thing I have done for myself. I encourage everyone to have it done.

Krystal Patterson

Fabulous Enhancements

O.k...After seeing all of the fabulous enhancements you have made to these beautiful women, I have decided I want the lip color, eyeliner, and a perfect peel! Oh wait...maybe the eyebrows too. Your work is amazing! Small touches that bring tremendous results!

Melanie Burgess

Jeanette is the best!!
This is my eye with upper and lower permanent eyeliner. Never once have I regretted this decision. Jeanette is the best. Thinking of lip liner next. I am a RN with a very busy schedule with long days and on call at the hospital often. Now I do not have to worry about my eyeliner coming off in middle of the day or night. Makes my makeup application so much easier and time efficient. I love it!!! Ask Jeanette how you can get yours today!

Mary Richie April 2015

She will do an excellent job...

I moved to Nashville about 10 months ago and started looking for someone to do permanent eyeliner for me. I had lived in California for some years and I thought that they would have the top of the line in permanent eyeliner. I did have the procedure in California and was moderately satisfied. After researching here the credentials and background of Jeanette Wirz, I decided to go for it as my eyeliner had faded even though it was not done very well to begin with. The rest is history. I went to Jeanette -- she was very easy to schedule a time that was convenient to me; she was and is a delightful person who makes you feel very comfortable and to know that she will do an excellent job. And she did - I am more than happy with the eyeliner procedure she performed (and followed up on after the fact to be sure it was to her satisfaction which I believe is perfect). She is very very competent and I have never been happier than I am with my permanent eyeliner. I will certainly be going to her for additional work as time goes on. She is an ultimate professional and wants to do the best job there is. And that is what she did for me!!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting the permanent tattooing that she performs - there is no doubt that she is the best! I encourage anyone interested in any of her procedures to go to her and have the ultimately satisfying experience.

Three years ago I had "that surgery" preceded by a lot of thought, a lot of research, a lot of prayer, and a lot of hope. My decision was based on being preemptive and preventative but so many twists and turns in the road made me a true survivor. Inner Circle, LeAnne Weaver Tillman, Laurie Riley, and Bettye Lynn Bellar Richert, once again, I cannot thank you enough for your love, care, commitment, and diligence! It is surreal to remember now the long, unexpected, and tenuous road on which you accompanied me. Kristina Kotseos O'Shaughnessy, Laura Futrell, and Jeanette Wirz, thank you for using your gifts, talents, and expertise to treat and put me back together! What a great team of strong, competent women!

Danielle Stefko 01-16

Jeanette is amazing.

My mom and I had our eyeliner done and it looks amazing. My mom was pretty nervous about the whole thing because the thought of someone working so close to her eyes made her anxious. She made me go first when we got there. I didn't really know what to expect. I thought it would probably hurt or at least be pretty uncomfortable. I was totally wrong. She numbed our eyes really well and we couldn't even feel the actual tattooing. If you're worried about the pain, don't be. It's not painful at all. And the second you start to feel uncomfortable at all Jeanette will stop and reapply numbing ointment. Jeanette was so professional and personable. We would both do it all over again. The results are phenomenal. Thanks Jeanette!

Taylor Patterson 1-16

My Experience was Amazing

Had the chance to work with This woman and needless to say my experience was nothing short of amazing! She knows exactly what she's doing when it comes to her work but she still does not hesitate to ask for your opinion since after all it is your appearance at risk. Thank you so much for your help and my eyebrows look wonderful!!

Gale Rodgers 10-15

Love This Lady!!!

Just met her and had my first service yesterday! Incredibly talented and professional with a great bedside manner. I am so excited to find Jeanette here.

Bethany Crick 10-15

I am so grateful to meet and work with Jeanette in this big world.

She is down to earth, trustworthy, and a true artist who knows what she's doing and most importantly, is committed to give you what you want with your appearance. I have lost so much brows by doing the wrong things to them, without makeup, my face looks incomplete. I seek Jeanette for her help, she is very patient and makes me feel comfortable working with her. We designed the shapes and strokes together, since I have very little hair to begin with, she really took her time to give me full brows stroke after stroke. She did a wonderful job so my brows and eyeliners healed very well, and I'm never this confident going out without putting any makeup on. My brows and eyeliners look so natural, no one ever questioned about them, it's like I was born this way and you can't even tell they have been worked on! I am so happy to work with Jeanette, and I hope you don't hesitate to turn to her for help! I trust her she will do a beautiful job and you will feel fabulous looking at yourself after!

I Highly Recommend It!

After my touch up on permanent eyeliner yesterday I have to say I am so pleased with the work Jeanette does! She is very professional, makes the customer feel comfortable, and takes pride in her work. If you are questioning whether or not to get this procedure done I highly recommend it. Well worth the time and money. Thanks Jeanette!

Lisa Behrendt June 16

I would recommend Permanent Makeup!
I would highly recommend Jeanette to anyone wanting permanent makeup. She did my eyebrows and I could not be more pleased. They are so natural looking people can't believe they aren't my real eyebrows. Definitely worth the two-hour drive for me!

Suzy Hebert Conley 10-15

I just happened upon this gem!

I was visiting Nashville for a month and needed a touch up on my permanent makeup. Being an RN, I do my research beforehand and I found Jeanette to be knowledgeable, experienced, professional, personable and excellent in her craft! Now, I will always come back to Jeanette, no matter where I'm living! She's well worth the trip!

Mallory Gray

Loveeeee my shaded brows!

They are perfect. Jeanette is awesome about making sure you are comfortable and will continue tweaking until you are completely satisfied! Perfect color match as well! You have my business for life!

Denise Jones

This woman changed my life!!!
I've had stock in eyebrow pencil industry since the 80s. I saw her info commercial and litterally ran to see her. I now have eyebrows, permanent eyebrows!!!! I am in heaven. It really affected my life. Thank you Jeanette!!

Leann Bonbright 2016

Jeanette is not only very professional

She is like a best friend during your visit. If you are on the fence about getting any service done from her DO IT! You will not be disappointed! She is the best and worth the money!

Elizabeth Rogers

It's amazing what good eyebrows will do for you!! Jeanette was so patient in the process of getting them exactly how I wanted them. They look full and very natural, and I couldn't be happier!

JLS Nashville Tn. June 2014

Jeanette is Personable

"Jeanette is down to earth" ...naturally professional with superb technical training."Really knows her stuff!" She was thorough and precise in her consultation and took great pains in sketching the brows to perfection before beginning the tattooing process. She did a fabulous, flawless job! Could not be happier, and would highly recommend her to anyone considering to have cosmetic makeup done! You will not be disappointed.

Terry S. July 2014

The best service and the best prices around

If you want permanent makeup I suggest you come here. The best service and the best prices around. I received the full lips with liner, eyebrows, and eyeliner and Jeanette did a great job. I didn't go too dark with the initial application and I wasn't happy so I returned for my free touch up to go darker and she reapplied until I was happy no extra cost. She did a terrific job and there were no hiccups with the applications. The best I am so satisfied and so happy I did it. Thank you, Jeanette, you are the best. And might I say very talented artist and very sturdy hands you could be a surgeon. Thanks again!

Vickie Jackson, Nashville TN.

One of My Favorite Things!

I had permanent eyeliner on both upper & lower almost nine years ago, still loving it and continue to get compliments for people that can't believe that it's permanent. It's really one of my favorite things that i have done for myself and highly recommend it for anyone on the go or like myself who doesn't like spending too much time in front of the magnifying mirror.

Katie L Dillare

Amazingly Talented

I recently had my eyebrows done by Jeanette Wirz actually a couple days ago and love them. I've had an issue over 15 years of not having eyebrows or very little hair and she took all that away within 1 hour. She is truly a kind amazing person and we went step by step over the color, shape

and size before I got them done.The price was amazing great quality solid work. I recomend Jeanette to anybody thinking about Permanent Makeup

I would highly recommend her to my closest family and friends. Im still thrilled and on cloud nine because of my beautiful eyebrows that i no longer have to pencil in every single day so I thank you for that little piece of me back and my one huge insecurity disappeared...Amazingly talented!!!!

Sally aka Soccermom,Tullahoma TN March 2015

Professional and friendly

I had the most amazing visit with Jeanette Wirz. She is so professional and friendly. She takes great pride in her work. For anyone looking to treat themselves to a little bit of luxury, this is the lady who will make the experience worth it.

Thank you, Jeanette, for everything!

I had eyebrows that were not full. Growing up it didn't bother me and as the years went by I got to looking in the mirror realizing I needed to do something. So eyebrow pencil was the answer and it was the answer for years. Filling in my eyebrows every morning making sure they were even and full. Through the day looking in the mirror making sure I “still” had eyebrows. It was the routine for years. I thought this was it. My daughter started playing sports being outside though different kinds of weather. If I wasn’t going to the women room checking on my eyebrows, I was in my car touching up my eyebrows. I was a full time job. I started working out going to Zumba and kicking boxing. I walk in class with eyebrows and walk out of class with no eyebrows. I hated it. It bothers me so I decided to get online looking for options. I come upon your website looking at all the photos and thought I want to be those women. I want beautiful eyebrows. I want to go through the day not having to worry if I had eyebrows. It took me awhile but I didn’t it, made that appointment. So December 27th 2014. I was nerves but excited. Finally meeting you was a blessing. You made me felt comfortable you guide me through the process making sure I made the right decision with the color. You made sure I was satisfied with the looks of my eyebrows. Once I look in the mirror I seen the women I been wanted to see for years. Jeanette, you have changed my life. You have change how I look at myself. I didn’t stop there. I thought about my lips. Just wanting permanent lip color; Jeanette you did a great job. I see a beautiful confident women, I can’t stop looking at myself. The healing process wasn’t bad at all. I follow the instruction you gave me it all went well. Jeanette, thank you. My advice to women if they are considering permanent cosmetics; Jeanette is the one. She's a friend for life.

Lanae Jones

I LOVE my new eyebrows!

My eyebrows started to thin about 6 years ago. I didn't think much about it, then I found out I had thyroid cancer . . . after surgery & treatment, they thinned even more. When I heard about Jeanette's Permanent Eyebrows, I knew I had to have some! I was so tired, & self-conscious about having to "draw" my eyebrows on everyday! Thanks to Jeanette, I don't have to do that any more! Thank you Jeanette, I LOVE THEM! Well worth the money! Debbie Wilder Profitt

Jeanette did my permanent eyeliner and full lips, I couldn't be happier! Should have done this years ago! The best part is not having to waste time everyday doing my eyeliner. I get lots of complements on how perfect my eyeliner is too, which I would never get drawing it on myself. I don't have to worry about my lip color coming off all through the day and every time I drink something, that is awesome! Also I'm not wasting all the money I used to on the liners and lip colors! She is very precise, it's hard to trust someone with your permanent makeup but you don't have to worry about that with Jeanette!

Mika Cain Kirkland 12/15

What great looking eyes!

Oh wait ,those are mine!! Jeanette Wirz Permanent cosmetics, I don't know what is more amazing-you or your fabulous artistic abilities! I am so happy with my permanent eyeliner. Your precision is spot on, your hospitality is so inviting. I was very nervous about getting my eyes done and your make me feel so at ease,comfortable, and relaxed. Thank you SO much for my awesome liner.I give you 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!!!


Wish I'd done this years ago!

Jeannette applied the permanent eyeliner for me in September. I had wanted this done,but hesitated for years. I am thrilled with the results! I'm in my early 60s and get up in the morning now and you can see my eyes without putting on makeup. Jeanette was as nice as con be and made me feel comfortable through the whole process. I would recommend her work to all. Thank you Jeanette

Jennifer Appleton

Jeanette changed my life!

For about 12 years I spent hours in front of the mirror every morning making my eyebrows look like what everyone considered normal. After a terrible experience with waxing at a cosmetology college... I lost most of my natural eyebrow hair. I was devastated. It made me feel self conscious. I avoided taking my makeup off in front of my husband for almost 2 years. I avoided pools and anything that would cause my makeup to run. Jeanette made me feel confident in the
decision to get M icrobladed Eyebrows. She is so sweet and made me feel right at home. She worked with me and made sure I was 100% happy with the results. And even small changes here and there she was very accommodating. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for permanent makeup. She is simply amazing. Thank you Jeanette for being a life changer!!!

Kim Hethcoat Vondra 8-15

 I Love It !!

Just had my upper and lower eyeliner done on Tuesday. Jeanette did a wonderful job! No pain and a great result. I LOVE IT!

JULY 2015

Thank you Beth...
Your welcome and have done awesome work with your great personality!!!! I would like to have more work done on my eyeliner....JS?If I hear of anyone thinking about wanting it done with their pros and cons about the idea, I've always jump in and recommend you and your great work and the feel of being so comfortable and that you make a customer feel like family and not a in and out customer. I'd do it again and have several times over and over! I, myself, would like to go darker's a good out line for regular use of eyeliner products just by using eyeliner tattooing. Thank you for your awesome work!

Cassie Kendelhardt 12-15

 I Love Love my Micro Bladed Eyebrows!!!

I Love Love my Micro Bladed Eyebrow, they look so natural. Jeanette was amazing, she was professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable and confident in her work. Thank You!

Sarah Ferguson Akin 8-22-15

I Would highly recommend Jeanette
For months I had been considering about getting permanent eyeliner. After some research about the procedure I decide to go through with it. I found Jeanette. I was impressed with her experience and credentials. The scheduling process was so easy and convenient. When I arrived, she was so friendly and made me feel comfortable right away. She was such a professional. She talked to me through the whole procedure, step by step. I could not be happier with the results of my permanent eyeliner. It looks natural. I would highly recommend Jeanette to anyone who is considering any permanent cosmetic procedure.