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We are Board Certified Permanent Makeup Artists, with 22 years of experience in our field.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Jeanette or her team or becoming a Permanent Makeup Artist, you will find it here.

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Permanent Cosmetic Courses

Fundamental Beginners Courses Include -100 Hours

January 22, 2024, - January 26th, 2024

Fundamental Beginners Courses Include -100 Hours

April 15, 2024, - April 19, 2024

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Become a Model

Only a $75 non-refundable setup fee when you schedule. Being a model is helpful to our students and gives you beautiful, long-lasting Permanent Cosmetic results.

  • Must be between 18-80.
  • Willing to give students to opportunity to learn.
  • Must sign model consent allowing before and after photos to be published for marketing and education purposes.
  • Not pregnant or nursing.
  • Not undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments-must wait until 6 months after treatments.
  • Must not be on Accutane®
  • Must not have severe acne,  active eczema, active psoriasis, active fever blister, or cold sore outbreak at the time of the procedure
  • Make sure you are not in a hurry, because Model treatments can take longer to perform as they are carried out by students

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